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  1. The method of delivery and the date of delivery are agreed between the Seller and the Buyer.

  2. As part of the E-Store, the Seller offers the following methods of delivery or collection of Products:

  3. paid delivery in Poland in the form of courier,

  4. paid delivery outside Poland in the form of courier,

  5. free personal pickup at the following collection points open during the hours specified in detail on the E-Store website:

  6. Konopnicka 4, 22-670 Bełżec,

  7. Słowackiego 33/8, 33-100 Tarnów,

  8. The cost of delivery of Products on the territory of Poland is indicated to the Buyer when completing the Order Form in the E-Store, while in the case of agreeing the delivery of Products outside Poland, the cost of delivery is individually agreed with the Seller each time.

  9. The receipt of the Product by the Buyer is always confirmed on the delivery document. Upon receipt of the Product or products, the Buyer is obliged to check the quantitative compliance with the Order and to check that the Product or Products have no mechanical damage during transport, and if any irregularities are found, to draw up a damage report in the presence of the supplier. The receipt of the Product without reservations is treated as a confirmation of the Product's completeness and compliance with the order placed in the above-mentioned scope.

  10. Upon confirmation of delivery on the Product delivery document, all risks related to its possession and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage to the Product, are transferred to the Buyer.

  11. If the Seller cannot perform the service due to the fact that the subject of the service is not available - he is obliged to immediately, but not later than within thirty days from the conclusion of the contract - to notify the Buyer of this circumstance and return all funds received from him.

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